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Posted to Ota Benga by , 5 May 2008

Berkeley, Ca.—Within the context of an elusive peace in the eastern part of the D R Congo and an ongoing assault by the government against the fundamental rights of the people of the Lower Congo Region, it has come to our attention that Professor Ernest Wamba dia Wamba and Deputy Kiakwama have been targeted for assassination.

We do know that both individuals have been active in defending the rights of the people of the Lower Congo to express themselves freely. They, like many other Congolese from other regions of the country, have condemned the wanton violence of government police forces against members of the Bundu dia Kongo, a movement for the cultural and spiritual emancipation of the Congo people. They have condemned the manner in which, since February 2008, brutal repression led to the death of innocent people, including infants and older people.

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