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And on the stage were the workers

The III. International Workers’ Film Festival Evening took place on 7th May at the Emek Cinema hall in Istanbul’s centre. Workers, students and people from the poor neighbourhoods came together with famous intellectuals, artists and cinema workers and more than thousand people attended.

The program started with the short story of the festival in Turkey with three years and a spokesperson from the festival organization committee emphasized the contribution of the festival, which is organized under the theme of “Camera that sees labour, cinema that goes to the streets” in the increase of the labuor documentaries procured in Turkey. Previous years’ festival themes were: “Stories of Resistance Against Neo-Liberalism” and “Poverty, Resistance, Hope”. Then a short video film is screened about the Istanbul May Day protests of this year with different scenes of state terror and resistance from various parts of the city. (

Together with the poems of famous revolutionary Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet* workers, trade union leaders, neighborhood organizations, workplace representatives of petroleum, health and shipyard sectors presented symbolic awards to singers, actresses, script writers, documentary film makers and cinema workers for their contributions to the working class struggle in Turkey.

Spanish film maker Fernando Leon Aranoa whose film Los Lunes al Sol is screened during this year’s festival and representative of San Francisco LaborFest Steve Zeltzer (

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