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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Delhi Solidarity Group, 26 June 2008

More than 200 people join the protest march from Shaheed Park to Red Fort and hold a public meeting

New Delhi, June 26 2008 : Remembering the Black Day of June 25/26th 1975 when a State of Emergency was imposed by the Indira Gandhi Government suspending all civil liberties, curtailing freedom of press, powers of judiciary and incarcerating any opposition to her rule, today more than 200 people from various unauthorized colonies, informal sector workers, social workers, and others marched under the banner of NAPM, Delhi (National Alliance for Peoples Movement) and declared that the moment of siege has not ended and India is in a state of emergency. Apart from the prevailing repressive conditions elsewhere in the country, in Delhi, we are witness to demolitions of slums, increasing difficulties for common people, informalisation of labour, inflation, difficult living conditions and worst of all protests by victims of Bhopal on the streets entering now the fifth month along with an indefinite hunger strike for 15 days. Read More »