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A list of statements and media articles on the attack on Abahlali baseMjondolo in Durban.

Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statements

2009-09-27 at 12h40 (Sunday) – Kennedy Road Development Committee Attacked – People Have Been Killed

2009-09-27 at 22h40 (Sunday) – The Attacks Continue in the Presence of the Police and Senior ANC Leaders

2009-09-29 at 13h53 (Tuesday) – ‘The ANC Has Invaded Kennedy Road’ by S’bu Zikode*

2009-10-01 at 16h53 (Thursday) – Update from Kennedy Road

2009-10-01 at 16h55 (Thursday) – Rushed (and Rough) Transcript of an Interview (anonymous of course) with Two Young Women Still Living in Kennedy Road

2009-10-06 at 22h00 (Tuesday) – Our Movement is under Attack*

2009-10-11 at 10h30 (Sunday).- The ANC Attack on AbM Continues in Kennedy Road

2009-10-15 at 23h30 (Thursday) – The Kennedy Eight are now the Kennedy Thirteen

Video footage and photographs

2009-09-28 at 21h35 (Monday) – Photos: S’bu Zikode’s House after the attack*

2009-10-01 17h08 (Tuesday) – Photos: Abahlali at Court to defend the ‘Kennedy 8’ (from 29 September 2009)

2009-09-30 at 16:10 (Wednesday) – Eyewitness Video Testimony (Footage taken on Sunday and Monday)*

2009-10-01 at 16:54 (Thursday) – Moving Video Interview with S’bu Zikode

2009-10-01 (Thursday)DemocracyNow! Video interview with Abahlali baseMjondolo (DN! Is the largest progressive media radio station in the United States)*

2009-10-08 – Photos from AbM Protest in Support of the Kennedy 8 (from 08 October 2009)

2009-10-09 – Video from the New York Solidarity Protest (and some photos)

2009-10-10 – Photos of Jenny Morgan’s Film screened at Musgrave Centre

Solidarity Petition: An Open Letter to Jacob Zuma (now with over 1,050 signatures)*

Solidarity Poster:AbM awareness raising solidarity poster

Statements of Solidarity with Abahlali baseKennedy Road

2009-09-28 – Joint Statement on the attacks on the Kennedy Road Informal Settlement in Durban (27 signatures from academia)*

2009-09-29 – Testimony from Brother Filippo Mondini and in Zulu: Ubufakazi bukaBrother Fillipo Mondini

2009-09-29 – Democracy Under Attack in Kennedy Road – A Statement by Bishop Rubin Phillip* and in Zulu: Umbhishobhi Omkhulu waseKapa uhlaba ukuhlaselwa kwaBahlali baseMjondolo

2009-09-29 – Letter to the International Media from Nigel Gibson & Raj Patel

2009-09-29 – Kennedy Road Murders Recall Terror of the 1980s (ZACF Statement)

2009-09-30 – Durban Action Against Xenophobia Statement

2009-09-30 – Statement from The Children of South Africa (CHOSA)

2009-09-30 – War on Want Writes to the South African High Commissioner (UK)

2009-10-01 – Statement from the International Forum in Denmark

2009-10-01 – Statement on Kennedy Road Informal Settlement by AFRA

2009-10-01 – War on Want (UK) calls for an end to violence against South African shack dwellers

2009-10-01 – The Poverty Initiative (USA) Supports the Shackdwellers Movement

2009-10-01 – Development Action Group’s statement on the violent attacks on Abahlali baseMjondolo in Kennedy Road

2009-10-01 – The KZN Monitor asks tough questions of the South African Police Service

2009-10-01 – Letter from the Editors of the Academic Journal “Interface”

2009-10-01 – Slum Dwellers International Statement on the Attacks on Kennedy Road Settlement, Durban, South Africa

2009-10-01 – Statement by Global Peace & Justice in Auckland, New Zealand

2009-10-01 – Statement of Support from KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council (KZNCC) in response to the Kennedy Road Killings

2009-10-01 – US Center for Constitutional Rights: Solidarity Statement

2009-10-01 – Statement of Support to the AbM from Movement for Justice in el Barrio in New York City *

2009-10-02 – Statement of Support from the Democratic Socialist Movement

2009-10-02 – Statement of Support from the Archbishop of Cape Town *

2009-10-02 – Statement of Support from the Treatment Action Campaign

2009-10-02 – Statement by the National Association of Democratic Lawyers

2009-10-02 – SACC Appalled by Violent Attacks Against Democracy* and in Zulu: iSACC Ikhala Ngodlame Lokuhlasela Kwentando Yeninigi

2009-10-02 – International Alliance of Inhabitants call for solidarity with AbM

2009-10-05 – Diakonia responds to the attacks on Abahlali baseMjondolo

2009-10-05 – APF in Solidarity with Abahlali baseMjondolo: In Defence of Democracy

2009-10-05 – Afrika Soree! Fraternal Solidarity Message to Abahlali baseMjondolo

2009-10-06 – ILRIG and 56 community organisations: A message of solidarity to Abahlali baseMjondolo

2009-10-06 – In Solidarity with Abahlali baseMjondolo by Jacques Depelchin

2009-10-07 – CiViSOL Statement of Solidarity

2009-10-07 – KwaZulu Natal Christian Council Leaders visit the 8 Leaders of AbM in Sydenham Police Station

2009-10-07 – Statement by Bishop Barry Wood, Auxiliary Bishop of Durban and Episcopal Chairperson

2009-10-09 – Statement in support of Abahlali baseMjondolo by 12 renown academics including Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein

2009-10-09 – Solidarity rally with Abahlali baseMjondolo at South African consulate by Picture the Homeless

2009-10-10 – Contribution to a Panel Discussion on John Dugard’s Legacy to Human Rights Activism and Litigation – by Suart Wilson

2009-10-15 – Students for Law and Social Justice Statement in Support of AbM

2009-10-16 – Statement by the Conference of the Democratic Left in Support of AbM

Opinion pieces on the attacks

2009-09-30 – Abahlali baseMjondolo Is Not A Criminal Movement (The Mercury) *

2009-10-01 – Pogrom murders in the Durban area (Politicsweb)

2009-10-02 – Ethnic cleansing (Business Day)

2009-10-04 – A bad week for South Africa (Politicsweb)

2009-10-06 – The crude excesses of power (The Witness)

2009-10-06 – How a poor people’s movement was crushed (The Sowetan)*

2009-10-07 – Acid test for ANC’s commitment to democracy (Business Day)

2009-10-07 – Kennedy Road Truth Being Hidden (Business Day)

2009-10-08 – Worrying utterances by Crispin Hemson (Business Day)

2009-10-08 – Is the ANC the big bad wolf in Kennedy Road? (Mail & Guardian – Thought Leader)

2009-10-09 – Empirical evidence that the Kennedy 8 are being framed

2009-10-12 – Violent campaign against homeless people’s group (Daily News)

2009-10-13 – The Underside of South African Democracy (SACSIS)

2009-10-14 – ANC’s shameful cover-up (The Witness)

2009-10-14 – The Kennedy Road killings are akin to Stalinism and a threat to democracy (Cape Times

Mainstream South African media

2009-09-28 – SAPA: Attackers Associated with ANC (News24)

2009-09-29 – Attack on shack dwellers slammed (Sunday Times)

2009-09-29 – Academics condemn attack on settlement (Business Day)

2009-09-29 – SAPA: Fund Set Up for Victims (News24)

2009-09-29 – Xhosa attack ‘far more sinister’ (The Witness)

2009-09-30 – Kennedy Road attack: ANC and police in the spotlight (The Natal Witness)

2009-09-30 – Police ‘behind shack attack’ (The Mercury)

2009-09-30 – Fund set up after Durban attack (Business Day)

2009-10-01 – Call on Zuma to probe attacks (The Sowetan)

2009-10-01 – Call for solidarity among shack dwellers (The Mercury)

2009-10-02 – Shack people out in the cold after attack (The Mercury)

2009-10-03 – Ethnic Tension Boils Over (The Mail & Guardian)*

2009-10-06 – Church enters Kennedy Road fray (The Sowetan)

2009-10-06 – Churches appeal for aid (East Coast Radio)

2009-10-09 – Shack dwellers ask Zuma to calm tensions (SAPA)

2009-10-09 – Modern-day ‘Robin Hood’ is disillusioned with ANC (The Mercury)

2009-10-09 – Kennedy Road Olive Branch a Sham (The Mail & Guardian) *

2009-10-09 – I-ANC iphika imibiko yokuhlasela abahlali (Isolezwe) in isiZulu

2009-10-10 – Kennedy Road gets global response (The Weekender)

2009-10-10 – State turns against shack dwellers (The Weekender)

2009-10-12 – Bishop call for suport for Abahlali baseMjondolo (The Witness)

Alternative media articles

2009-09-30 – Shack dwellers’ struggle by Sokari Ekine

2009-10-01 – DemocracyNow! Video and radio interview and transcript*

2009-10-02 – Column: Abroad view By Alex Kadis

2009-10-02 – Violent Attacks on Social Movement Abahlali baseMjondolo Misrepresented (SACSIS)

2009-10-02 – Provincial Government & Police Endorse Attack on Abahlali baseMjondolo (Pambazuka)

2009-10-08 – ANC blamed for involvement in shanty town attack (Religious Intelligence)

2009-10-08 – Devastation in Samoa and South Africa by John Minto (

2009-10-08 – Democracy’s everyday death: South Africa’s quiet coup by Nigel Gibson and Raj Patel (Pambazuka)*

Related events

2009-09-30 – Protest at the South African Embassy in London on Wednesday (on 30 September) with photo and video footage

2009-10-03 – Solidarity Protest in Grahamstown – Monday 5th October 2009

2009-10-09 – Solidarity Protest Today at the South African Consulate in New York City (with some photos and video)

2009-10-14 – Solidarity Protest at the University of Cape Town (on Wednesday 14th of October)

Other languages

2009-09-28 – Nye etniske opptøyer i Sør-Afrika (Norwegian)

2009-09-30 – Los hechos de los ataques en AbM (Espanol)

2009-09-30 – Attacco Alla Democrazia Nelle Baraccopli del Sudafrica (Italiano)

2009-09-30 – Sud Africa. La protesta del movimento dei baraccati Abahlali arriva a Londra (Italiano)

2009-09-30 – Νότιος Αφρική: Τρομακτική επίθεση παρακρατικών και μπάτσων στους Abahlali, υπάρχουν νεκροί (Greek)

2009-10-01 – Θυμίζουν τον τρόμο της δεκαετίας του 1980 (Greek)

2009-10-01 – ANC acusado de atacar y asesinar a los que viven en chabolas (Espanol)

2009-10-01 – Opération coup de poing à Durban par Philippe Rivière (Frances)

2009-10-02 – Südafrika: Unser Verbrechen ist ganz einfach: Wir sind selbstorganisierte Arme… (Danish)

2009-10-02 – Declaracion de apoyo a nuestr@s hermanas y hermanos de Sudafrica del Movimiento de los de Casas de Carton (Abahlali baseMjondolo) de parte de Movimeinto por Justicia del Barrio en Nueva York, EU (Espanol)

2009-10-09 – Piu a Sud del Sudafrica – Fillipo Mondini (Italiano)

2009-10-12 – De como não remover favelas (Português)

2009-10-14 – Sør-Afrika: Et demokratis død (Nowegian)

Other media mentioning the Kennedy Road attacks:

2009-10-14 – The Annual Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture (given by Bishop Phillip)

2009-10-14 – With Olympics Came New Laws to Sweep up Homeless

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