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America Latina en Movimiento, 23 September 2009

…They become legitimate not through their property but through their work, in this world in which work is becoming extinct. They become legitimate because they make History, in a world that has already proclaimed the end of History. These men and women are an absurdity because they bring back to life a feeling that was lost…”

(“News of the survivors”, Eldorado dos Carajás, 1996).

For 30 years, the rebuilding of democracy in Brazil has demanded enormous sacrifices from the workers. They had to rebuild their organizations that were destroyed by two decades of repression by the military dictatorship and invent new forms of movements and struggles that could meet the challenge of confronting one of the most unequal societies in the world. This also involved presenting the heirs of the five-century-old slave culture, the workers of the city and of the countryside, as citizens and as legitimate participants, not only in the production of the country’s wealth (as has always been the case) but equally as beneficiaries of sharing the wealth that was produced. Read More »